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Taizhou Changsheng Corrugated Pipe Co., Ltd. is located in Shuguang Industrial Park, Jiangyan District, Jiangsu Province, China. It was founded in 1997 and was officially registered in 2003. It is a stainless steel metal hose, telescopic tube, stainless steel bellows, corrugated. Specialized factories for various metal and non-metallic hoses and pipe fittings such as expansion joints, corrugated compensators, stainless steel mesh sleeves, PTFE hoses (compensators) and metal-resin composite high-pressure hoses.


The company introduces the world's advanced corrugated pipe production line and 96-inch knitting machine. It has a series of complete testing equipments such as physical and chemical testing, performance analysis, X-ray non-destructive testing and metallographic analysis. The mechanical weaving network has a diameter of 600MM and has a fine line. The scientific research and production management team strictly implements the IS09001 international quality system standard in scientific research design, production management, product inspection and service process, which makes our company's products have international advanced level.

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  • About One

    More than 20 years of industry experience

  • About Two

    Advanced production equipment

  • About Three

    Strict quality management system

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    A good after-sales service

  • Our products


    • Metal Hose
    • Stainless steel mesh
    • Expansion joint
    • Compensator
    • Exhaust bellows
    • Composite high pressure hose
    • Bellows heat exchanger


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    Stainless steel mesh,Stainless steel hose,Stainless steel bellows
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