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Why does the welding technology of stainless steel bellows require higher requirements?
2018-08-25 11:26:30


   The welding technology of stainless steel bellows can be divided into TIG welding (non-melting gas tungsten electrode protection welding) and MIG welding (melting gas protection welding). The difference between the two is the substance used in the welding process. MIG uses wire, while TIG uses tungsten electrode in the torch. In addition, they are not too big. Big difference. Stainless steel bellows require very high welding process; if the welding technology is not mature, it may lead to bellows perforation, leakage, rust and other problems.

    TIG welding: TIG welding air tightness can reduce the pressure vessel welding is the weld hole, heat source for DC arc, working voltage is 10-95 V, current can reach 600 A, mostly used in medium thickness of the workpiece.

    MIG welding: arc welding in which gas is used as arc medium and metal droplets and high temperature metal in welding zone are protected.stainless steel bellows    

    Stainless steel welding can be divided into five steps:

    The first step: the pipe mouth size in welding to the door to measure the length of the pipe, and then use the knife, pipe size.

    Step 2: Because the pipe is metal, the pipe will be oxidized to produce some waste residue, and some waste residue will affect the welding effect. Therefore, before we use welding, we use abrasive cloth or paper to remove the waste residue in the pipe.

    The third step: use the tube brush cleaning accessory cleaning accessories to ensure that the welding hose ensures clean and tinned joints.

    Step 4: To master the welding time, generally speaking, how long you need to weld the pipe, you need the corresponding length of solder.

    The fifth step: the torch heat pipe torch heat pipe is mainly used to ensure that the welding pipe is evenly heated. It is important to ensure that the flame is close enough to cover the entire pipe diameter when using the torch.

    The temperature should not be too high when the inner pipe is welded, too high will make the material change easy to rust, the outer pipe should have cooling measures when welding, too high temperature will affect the inner pipe, so good ventilation measures are very important. In addition to welding technology, the two welding methods also need to use mixed gas as the medium, the composition of 90% argon + 20% carbon dioxide. It can be seen that stainless steel bellows welding relies on technology and care.

    The edge welded stainless steel bellows are the pioneers of this technology. We always improve this technology level through unique engineering design to meet the rigorous requirements of complex power system. We provide contract assembly services, including design, manufacture, welding, high level assembly, testing and packaging. According to the requirements, we can provide a certified cleanliness 100 / cleanliness 1000 / cleanliness 10000 assembly workshop environment. As an ISO-9001 certified and world-class unit production organization, the reputation of TG Group is based on a wide range of quality praise.

    Welded stainless steel bellows provide higher cushioning performance and precise resilience than conventional formed bellows, thus providing greater resilience and control in the smallest space. Edge welded stainless steel bellows are manufactured by welding inner diameter and outer diameter bellows. Due to material ductility, the number and shape of bellows manufactured by traditional molding are limited, so the edge welded bellows can be used more widely. Min Bin has extensive experience in optimizing bellows as required, so the edges provided to you can make your equipment perform better and ensure your own product requirements.

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