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    Metal PTFE composite hose

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    Metal PTFE composite hose and stainless steel metal hose have similar functions, fine structure, no mechanical impurities, excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, self-lubricating, non-sticking, electrical insulation and excellent anti-aging. It can be used at -60~250°C for a long time. It has reliable and excellent corrosion resistance and is used to transport strong corrosive media at high temperatures.

     Metal PTFE composite hose product advantages

    1. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance

    Because this product uses special high-grade PTFE hose, high temperature resistant woven mesh and Japanese advanced technology stainless steel double buckle spiral hose, it is suitable for special environment of high temperature, corrosion and high pressure. The product can withstand high temperature steam of 250 °C under the pressure of 3kg/cm2, and the skin temperature does not exceed 60 °C to ensure safe operation. This product can be used normally under steam pressure of 10kg/cm2.

    2. Light weight and softness

    This product is specially assembled and has a hose length of 2m (including joints at both ends) weighing only 500g. The work intensity of the operator is greatly reduced, and the softness is strong, the bending is free, and the pleats are absolutely prevented from venting.

    3. Strong anti-destructive

    This product is protected by 180kg tensile force due to the use of Japan's advanced technology stainless steel double-button self-locking spiral hose. It is not damaged during normal use. 4. Durable

    The advantages of this product are combined to make the service life greatly exceed the existing steam hoses, and it is not necessary to replace them for a long time, which greatly reduces the use cost, improves the use efficiency, and is economical and practical.

    Metal PTFE composite hoses are widely used in chemical, mechanical, electronic, electrical, military, aerospace, pipeline, petroleum, textile machinery, electrical insulation, environmental protection and other economic fields.

Metal PTFE composite hoseMetal PTFE composite hose


Metal PTFE composite hose
Metal PTFE composite hose
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