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    High pressure composite hose

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    The high-pressure composite hose is composed of a multi-layer functional polymer film and a synthetic fiber reinforced layer, and the inner and outer two-layer spiral metal wires are entangled and sturdy.

    Internal spiral steel wire: usually stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, polypropylene or TEFLON coated steel wire;

    Outer spiral steel wire: basically use stainless steel or galvanized steel;

    Inner lining: Select functional film such as Teflon Polietilene Nylon PET according to the characteristics of the conveying material. The hose is designed to have a wide liquid-resistance resistance. The reinforcing layer and the anti-aging outer layer: the reinforcing layer provides the pressure strength of the hose. . The outer layer of the hose is made of an anti-wear and anti-aging color outer layer.

    High pressure composite hose features:

    1. Light and soft, flexible and flexible

    The composite hose and the rubber hose of the same specification are 40% lighter than the rubber tube under the same conditions, and the radius of curvature is 1/3 times that of the rubber tube. It is light and soft, suitable for places with large mobility and frequent disassembly, in narrow operation. The location can also be used flexibly, which is unmatched by other pipelines.

    2. Good temperature resistance

    Under normal use conditions, temperature resistance -30 ° C ~ +120 ° C resistance to positive pressure, negative pressure performance compound hose working pressure 2.O Mpa, negative pressure 0.1 Mpa. Under the same conditions of pressure resistance, it is better than the rubber tube of the same specification. It can still work normally under a small radius of gyration, and its curved part is always round, and there will never be folding, inner wall falling off, blockage and tube splitting.

    3. Due to the use of laminated structure; more good pressure resistance, when the pressure is reduced, the hose has a telescopic phenomenon. When the fluid (gas) is overpressured instantaneously, no blasting occurs, and only the pipe body itself is subjected to excessive creep behavior. This performance is suitable for modern computer management, and completes the operation monitoring of oil and gas.

    4. Has good acid and alkali resistance

    The composite hose is made of a variety of chemically synthesized fabrics, and has good corrosion resistance to various aromatic hydrocarbons and chemicals, especially liquid media such as acid and alkali. When metal hoses and rubber hoses are not suitable, composite hoses are the best choice.

    5. Has a reliable electrostatic discharge system

    When a flammable medium such as oil flows in the pipe, due to pressure, fluid collision with the pipe wall, friction and other factors, a certain amount of static electricity will be generated. If it is not exported in time, it will cause a fire. The composite hose uses double-layer wire to ensure the static discharge of the hose. When installing and using, just connect the end of the hose well. You can export the static electricity at any time, which is safe and reliable.

    6. Rugged and durable

    The composite hose has good sealing performance and adopts a unique interface combination. The socket system has superior wire winding and occlusion effect. Therefore, it has high tensile strength, durability and long service life.

High pressure composite hoseHigh pressure composite hose


High pressure composite hose
High pressure composite hose
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