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product manual:

Automobile exhaust pipes are important connecting members in the automotive field. The use of its own unique air tightness, and the use of double-layer hydraulic pressure in the molding, water as the medium, the production of the bellows is more conducive to the emission of automobile exhaust, to minimize the environmental pollution caused by engine exhaust. It is used to absorb the vibration of the exhaust system and prevent excessive thermal deformation, thus providing a comfortable ride. Stainless steel SUS304 is used as the main material for flexible joints, and it can withstand high temperature and salt corrosion. The inside of the bellows can be equipped with a mesh sleeve and a telescopic section, which can eliminate the noise of the engine. Therefore, the vehicle flexible section (automobile exhaust bellows) has become the most ideal compensation component in modern industrial piping.

Car exhaust pipeCar exhaust pipe

Product features:

1) Installed in the engine and muffler installation, absorbing the relative motion of the engine and exhaust pipe

2) This product is used to reduce engine noise and vibration

3) The product can absorb the thermal expansion tube muffler

4) Exhaust deviation compensator

5) Products can reduce air pollution

6) Extend the service life of the exhaust system

Car exhaust pipeCar exhaust pipe


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Car exhaust pipe
Car exhaust pipe
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