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    Circular non-metallic compensator

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     The circular non-metallic compensator is mainly composed of a non-metallic ring belt, a heat insulating material and a steel structural member, wherein the non-metallic ring belt is optimized by combining non-metallic materials such as fiber fabric, silicone rubber and fluorine material, and the product thereof Performance indicators such as strength, compensation, sealing, corrosion resistance and life can be comparable to similar foreign products.

    The main features of the circular non-metallic compensator:

    1. Compensation for thermal expansion: It can compensate for multiple directions, which is much better than metal compensator that can only compensate for single type.

    2, compensation installation error: due to the pipeline connection process, system errors are inevitable, non-metallic fabric compensator better compensate for the installation error.

    3, noise reduction: fiber fabric, insulation cotton body itself has the function of sound absorption, vibration transmission, can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems.

    4, no reverse thrust: because the main material is fiber fabric, powerless transmission. The use of non-metallic fiber compensators simplifies design, avoids the use of large bearings, and saves a lot of material and labor.

    5, good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance: the choice of fluoroplastics, silicone materials have good high temperature and corrosion resistance.

    6. Good sealing performance: There is a relatively complete production assembly system, and the non-metallic flexible compensator can ensure no leakage.

    7, light body, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

    Circular non-metallic compensators are mainly used in power plant smoke ducts to absorb thermal displacement and/or shock absorption. The specific application areas are:

    1. Thermal power plant (1) steam turbine (2) boiler (3) dust removal;

    2. Cement factory;

    3. Steel plants, melting furnaces, incinerators;

    4. Thermal power plants and nuclear power plants;

    5, air conditioning air supply system;

    6. Glass and mineral wool industry;

    7. Petrochemical enterprises;

    8. Air and gas cleaning plants;

    9. Fan factory;

    10. Aluminum and carbon plants.

    11. Petrochemical companies and wherever there is pressure in the industry and where high flexibility and flexibility are required, compensators must be installed.


Circular non-metallic compensator
Circular non-metallic compensator
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