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First, the introduction of exhaust bellows

    The automobile exhaust hose is also called an automobile exhaust bellows and an exhaust muffler damping pipe, and is installed in an exhaust pipe between the engine exhaust manifold and the purifier, so that the entire exhaust system is flexibly coupled, thereby It absorbs noise and reduces noise, facilitates installation and extends the life of the exhaust system. The inside of the bellows can be equipped with a net sleeve and a telescopic tube, which can better eliminate the noise during the operation of the engine and further reduce the sound absorption.

    Second, the characteristics of the bellows:

    1. The product structure is various in form and the specifications are complete.

    2. Exhaust system for vehicles such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and agricultural vehicles

    3. Installed between the engine exhaust manifold and the purifier, it can absorb various vibrations, reduce noise, compensate for installation deviation and thermal expansion and contraction, facilitate installation and extend the life of the exhaust muffler system.

    4, using corrugated molding technology, good flexibility, good air tightness

    5, the product structure is diverse, the length is not limited, can meet the needs of different models

    6, product specifications and sizes can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements

    7, can reduce air pollution

    Third, the exhaust bellows structure (there are four kinds of structures):

    Outer braid flex pipe: bellows +outer braid +collars

    2. Inner braid flex pipe : inter braid +bellows+outer braid +collar

    3. Interlock flex pipe:interlock +bellows +outer braid +collars/ interlock

    4. Nipple flex pipe: outer braid +collars +nipple / inter braid +bellows +outer braid +nipple

Construction: outer braid +collars +nipple / inter braid +bellows +outer braid +nipple

 (Size, diameter and length can be produced as client's requirements)

    Fourth, exhaust bellows material:

    1, bellows material: stainless steel 201. stainless steel 304

    2, mesh material: stainless steel 201. stainless steel 304

    3, bell mouth, straight ring material: stainless steel, aluminized

    4, take over material: stainless steel, aluminized

    Five, size:

Diameter (inner diameter, outer diameter): 34-100mm, length: 50-360mm

    Sixth, the exhaust bellows applicable range:

Applicable to exhaust pipe connectors in a variety of models such as cars, off-road vehicles, passenger cars and trucks.



Exhaust bellows
Exhaust bellows
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