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    Flange connection metal hose metal hose is an important connecting member in engineering technology, which is composed of corrugated flexible pipe, net sleeve and joint.

     Flange connection metal hose installation and use precautions

     1. The bellows of the stainless steel hose is made of chrome-nickel austenitic stainless steel. When using it, pay attention to prevent pitting corrosion of nitrogen ions and corrosive damage of dilute sulfuric acid and dilute sulfuric acid.

Flange connection metal hose

     2. After the user conducts the water pressure test on the equipment and piping with stainless steel hoses, it should prevent the impact of rust block and chloride ion sediment, causing corrosion and mechanical damage.

     3. The metal hose should be protected from splashing and mechanical damage during welding, otherwise it will cause leakage.

     4. Please carefully digest the stainless steel hose installation method and install it in strict accordance with the correct sketch.

     5, the sealing pipe system should strictly abide by the safe operating procedures to prevent the hose from being pulled off or blasted due to overpressure caused by improper operation or other factors.

Flange connection metal hose


Flange connection metal hose
Flange connection metal hose
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