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    High temperature resistant non-metallic compensator

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    The high temperature resistant non-metallic compensator can compensate for axial and angular directions, has no thrust, simplified bearing design, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, noise reduction and shock absorption, etc. It is especially suitable for hot air ducts and soot pipes.

Connection method: 1 flange connection type 2 connection type

Type: 1 duplex 2 angular type 3 square

    Has a good overall performance. It has been widely used in many engineering fields. Ventilation, dust removal, smoke extraction and air conditioning insulation pipes and equipment with low working pressure usually use high temperature non-metal compensators.

Six uses of high temperature resistant non-metallic compensators:

1. Thermal power plants: boilers, gas turbine exhaust systems, dust removal systems.

2. Petrochemical enterprises: boilers, industrial furnaces, flue gas desulfurization devices, wet and dry air ducts.

3, steel plant: blast furnace, converter, smoke exhaust and other dust removal systems.

4, smelting plant: combustion furnace and other exhaust systems.

5. Cement plant: kiln, dust collection, dust treatment device system.

6, the device category: dust collector, absorption tower, air heater, blower equipment import and export.

In the pipeline system, if there are thermal stress caused by temperature changes, local vibration caused by vibration of the equipment and fixed support, and stress caused by system installation deviation, the rigid connection method will inevitably lead to the pipeline system being weakest. Deformation or destruction. If a flexible non-metallic compensator is used, this damage can be avoided. This is related to the unique form of motion of the non-metallic compensator. These forms of motion determine the multi-dimensional displacement performance of the non-metallic compensator.

The pressure-bearing single-wave body and multi-wave body compensator have an irreplaceable effect under certain special working conditions. The electronic measuring scale used in the desulfurization and dusting system of a steel plant originally used metal compensator compensation equipment and pipelines. Due to the large reverse thrust, the electronic scales were inaccurately debugged and could not be returned to zero and properly weighed. It is only possible to use the non-metallic material to achieve the use of the rectangular bore and large displacement compensator. The high temperature resistant non-metallic compensator has met the requirements of working conditions through special structural design and material design.


High temperature resistant non-metallic compensator
High temperature resistant non-metallic compensator
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