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     Product Name: Stainless steel lined PTFE metal hose

     Product structure: The inner layer structure is lined with stainless steel metal bellows lining 0.5-2mm thick PTFE, outer stainless steel wire mesh

Lined with PTFE metal hose     

     Product use temperature: -54 ° C ~ +200 ° C intermittent use temperature range -73 ° C ~ +230 ° C

     Product use and advantages: high temperature resistance, low temperature performance, long-term use at -80~+250 °C: weather resistance, refractory, high oxygen index, no water absorption, excellent radiation resistance, such as long-term exposure in the atmosphere, The surface and various properties remain basically unchanged; excellent dielectric properties, high voltage resistance; excellent corrosion resistance, almost insoluble in any solvent, strong acid aqua regia, strong alkali concentrated light sodium oxide, strong corrosive agent UF5 No corrosion in the middle; good wear resistance, static friction coefficient is the smallest in plastic, excellent self-lubricating performance, special surface non-stick; good tensile strength.

Lined with PTFE metal hose

     Stainless steel lining PTFE metal hose is widely used in aerospace, instrumentation, electronic appliances, post and telecommunications, petrochemical, metallurgical power, household appliances, lighting and so on.


Lined with PTFE metal hose
Lined with PTFE metal hose
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