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   Metal compensators are also called metal expansion joints.

    I. Overview of metal expansion joints

    The metal expansion joint is mainly used for the power plant smoke duct, which is used to absorb thermal displacement and/or shock absorption. The rectangular fillet compensator (UV waveform) is determined by the nominal diameter specification of the rectangular pipe due to the bellows rounded corner. The limitation of the small aperture is deleted. The wave number has single wave, double wave, three wave, and four wave, and each wave number corresponds to 99 specifications.

    Second, the metal expansion joint performance parameters

    1, the use of pressure (p): -30 ~ 30kPa

    2, the use of temperature (t): ≤ 400 ° C

    3, bellows material

    Commonly used high weathering steel 09CuCrNi-A (GB4171), austenitic stainless steel 0Cr19Ni9 (G

    B3280) and ordinary carbon steel Q235-A (GB700)

    High weathering steel has good atmospheric corrosion resistance and high cost performance. It is recommended.

    Third, the characteristics of metal expansion joints:

1. Sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing: fiber fabric and thermal insulation cotton have the function of sound absorption and damping, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers and fans.

2. Multi-directional compensation: Non-metallic compensators can provide large axial, angular and lateral displacements in a small size range.

3, no reverse thrust: the main material is glass fiber fabric and its coated products, powerless transmission. The use of non-metallic compensator can simplify the design, avoid the use of large brackets, save a lot of materials and labor.

    Fourth, the use of metal expansion joints:

1, steel plant: blast furnace, converter, exhaust and other dust removal systems.

2, smelting plant: combustion furnace and other exhaust systems.

3, cement plant: kiln, dust collection, smoke treatment system.

4, device category: dust collector, absorption tower, air heater, blower equipment import and export.

5, thermal power plants: boilers, gas turbine exhaust systems, dust removal systems.

6, petrochemical enterprises: boilers, industrial furnaces, flue gas desulfurization equipment, wet, dry air ducts.

    Fifth, the application range of metal expansion joints

    The metal expansion joint is a new type of power plant flue duct flexible pipeline developed with reference to the US "CE" standard and international general products combined with the special conditions of China's power plants. This product is the smoke quality of the power plant, metallurgy, cement and petrochemical equipment systems. An important part of the safe operation of pipelines, in the geometric nonlinearity caused by temperature and load, and the deformation of material nonlinearity, it shows excellent work compared with similar single bevel, double bevel, bellows angle, low wave cut point small ballpoint pen angle products. I have excellent quality and quality. The domestic design institutes, engineering units and project owners have adopted an increasing recognition rate and have been widely promoted and applied.


Metal expansion joint
Metal expansion joint
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