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    Non-metallic compensator skin

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     Non-metallic compensator skin (non-metallic fabric skin), also known as desulfurization ring belt, non-metallic fabric ring belt, etc., mainly made of multi-layer soft materials, with wide temperature range, high pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance, It has many advantages such as good flame retardant performance, sound absorption and shock absorption, and good flexibility. Compared with the traditional metal bellows, it avoids the hard force transmission caused by the connection, eliminates the vibration of the pipeline, solves the problem of the compensation amount of the thermal expansion and contraction of the fan and the bit offset which is difficult to avoid by the metal parts. And can play a protective role on the fan in accidents. And in transportation, installation, cost, maintenance and many other aspects are far superior to metal bellows.

    Advantages of non-metallic compensator skin (non-metallic fabric skin)

    1. Compensation expansion: It can compensate multiple directions, which is much better than metal compensator which can only compensate for single type.

    2, compensation installation error, due to the system error, the system error is inevitable, the fiber compensator better eliminate installation and installation errors.

    3, sound insulation: fiber fabric, moisturizing cotton itself has sound absorption, vibration isolation function, can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems.

    4, no reverse thrust: due to the main material is fiber fabric, powerless transmission. The fiber compensator simplifies design, avoids the use of large bearings, and saves a lot of material and labor.

    5, good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance: the use of fluoroplastics, silicone materials better high temperature and corrosion resistance.

    6, good sealing: there is a relatively complete production assembly system, the fiber compensator is basically no leakage.

    7, light body, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

Non-metallic compensator skin


Non-metallic compensator skin
Non-metallic compensator skin
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