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     The non-metallic compensator consists of a flexible compensator, a flange or a joint, a thermal insulation material and a bolted rod that provides greater axial, angular and lateral displacement over a small size range. The characteristic is that there is no reverse thrust, and the main material is glass fiber fabric and its coated product, which is weakly transmitted. The compensator has excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing performance. It is coated with polymer materials such as silicone and fluorine, and has excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing performance. Easy to install and maintain.

    The elastic element of the working body of the non-metallic compensator is a non-metallic material, usually a fiber fabric, so it is also called a fabric compensator (expansion joint). Non-metallic compensator good overall performance. It has been widely used in many engineering fields. Rectangular non-metallic compensators are mainly used in power plant smoke ducts to absorb thermal displacement and/or shock absorption.

    In the pipeline system, if there are thermal stress caused by temperature changes, local vibration caused by vibration of the equipment and fixed support, and stress caused by system installation deviation, the rigid connection method will inevitably lead to the pipeline system being very weak. Deformation or destruction. If a flexible desulfurization compensator (non-metallic compensator) is used, this damage can be avoided. Because the use of non-metallic compensators simplifies design, avoids the use of large brackets, and saves a lot of material and labor. Then it plays the role of noise reduction (fiber fabric and insulation cotton itself have the function of sound absorption and damping, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems).


Non-metallic compensator
Non-metallic compensator
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