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    Non-metallic fabric compensator

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    Non-metallic fabric compensators are pipe joint products made from a variety of non-metallic specialty materials with excellent physicochemical properties.

    Non-metallic fabric compensators have the following characteristics:

1, no hard force transmission, no reverse thrust

The non-metallic fabric compensator is constructed of a flexible material, thus eliminating hard-force transfer, optimizing the piping system design and extending the service life of the piping equipment. Because the main material is fiber fabric, the forceless transmission, the compensator can also simplify the design, avoid the use of large bearings, and save a lot of materials and labor.

2. Compensation for thermal expansion

The pipeline system produces a multi-directional offset as the temperature changes drastically during operation. The non-metallic fabric compensator provides full compensation in a small space and compensates for multiple directions, which is much better than a metal compensator that can only compensate for a single type.

3, high temperature, corrosion resistance, flame retardant

Non-metallic fabric compensators are made of inorganic materials (fluoroplastics, silicone materials), so they have high temperature and flame retardant properties, and can be used to solve the corrosive problems according to the material structure of the working medium. For example, fluororubber and silicone materials used in non-metal fabric compensators have good high temperature and corrosion resistance; non-metal fabric compensators are made of high quality insulation materials, mainly PTFE laminated glass cloth, Single or multi-layer composite materials such as EPDM coated glass cloth, butyl rubber coated glass cloth, PTFE film, ceramic fiber fireproof cloth, aluminum silicate cotton, stainless steel silk fiber cloth, glass fiber cloth Such as the composite material, so that the compensator has a certain wear resistance at the same time as the compensation pipeline, which can well prevent the friction of the hot soot particles in the pipeline against the compensator and increase the service life of the compensator.

4, compensation installation error

In the process of design, processing and installation of pipelines, system errors are inevitable, and non-metal fabric compensators can better eliminate installation errors.

5, good sealing

The non-metallic fabric compensator has a relatively complete production assembly system, and the fiber compensator is basically leak-free, so its sealing performance is excellent, providing a good seal in any medium.

6, noise attenuation

The fiber fabric and moisturizing cotton used in the non-metal fabric compensator have the functions of sound absorption and vibration isolation, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems. At the same time, it has the characteristics of light weight, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance. Because of its good sound absorption and noise reduction, the non-metal fabric compensator has a good compensation effect on the pipe vibration caused by the smoke duct fan, and also has certain compensation performance to alleviate the pipe error and noise caused by the fan vibration. It has a good effect on the fatigue resistance of power plant pipelines.

Application range of non-metal fabric compensator:

1. Boiler Plant 2, Cement Plant 3, Steel Plant, Melting Furnace, Incinerator 4, Thermal Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plant 5. Air Conditioning Air Supply System 6, Glass Factory, Mining 7, Petrochemical Enterprise 8, Air Station and Coal Cleaning Factory 9 , wind turbine factory 10, aluminum plant and carbon plant


Non-metallic fabric compensator
Non-metallic fabric compensator
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