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    Rectangular bellows expansion joint

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     Rectangular bellows expansion joints are also called corrugated expanders. The product has axial, lateral and angular compensation functions. Its main are:

     1. Compensate for the axial, lateral and angular thermal deformation of the absorption pipe.

2. Absorb equipment vibration to reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the pipeline.

3. Absorb the amount of deformation of the pipeline caused by earthquakes and subsidence.

     Rectangular bellows expansion joints are mainly used for transporting gas or dusty gas pipelines and fan outlets to absorb displacement or shock absorption.

     The expansion joint has the characteristics of large compensation amount, small rigidity, convenient installation and long life. Rectangular expansion joints are used in steel, electric power, petrochemical, cement and other industries. According to the user's requirements, stainless steel or carbon steel can be used to make U-shaped or V-shaped wave connecting tubes, and the inner liner tube and flange are generally made of carbon steel.


Rectangular bellows expansion joint
Rectangular bellows expansion joint
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