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    Rectangular non-metallic expansion joint

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     Rectangular non-metallic expansion joints (non-metallic rectangular expansion joints) are flexible parts composed of composite non-metal and two joints (or flanges) and insulation materials that can be connected to adjacent pipeline components, mainly used for compensation. Displacement of piping and equipment systems that deliver micro-pressure dust, smoke, gas, and other gases due to temperature, mechanical vibration, and foundation sinking.

    1. Product characteristics of non-metallic rectangular compensator (rectangular non-metallic compensator)

    1. Compensation for thermal expansion: It can compensate for multiple directions, which is much better than metal compensator that can only compensate for single type.

    2, compensation installation error: due to the pipeline connection process, the system error is inevitable, the fiber compensator better compensates for the installation error.

    3, light body, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance

    4, good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance: the selected fluoroplastics, silicone materials have good high temperature and corrosion resistance.

    5, good sealing performance: there is a relatively complete production assembly system, non-metallic expansion joints can ensure no leakage.

    6, fabric compensator price is lower than metal compensator, quality is better than imported products. The price is 1/2 - 1/5 of the imported product.

    7. Silencing and vibration reduction: fiber fabric and thermal insulation cotton body have the functions of sound absorption and vibration transmission, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems.

    8, no reverse thrust: because the main material is fiber fabric, powerless transmission. The fiber fabric compensator simplifies the design, avoids the use of large bearings, and saves a lot of material and labor.

    Second, rectangular non-metallic expansion joints (non-metallic rectangular expansion joints) performance parameters

    1. Applicable medium: air, flue gas and dusty gas;

    2, the use of pressure (P): -20 ~ 30kPa;

    3. Temperature range: a Low temperature type: ≤ 200 degrees; b High temperature type ≤ 800 degrees

    4. Compensation amount: Xo is the axial compensation amount, negative sign is the compression deformation, Yo is the horizontal compensation amount, and the specific compensation amount is as specified in the above table;

    5, the diameter range: any size

    a, metal structural parts are generally recommended t ≤ 400 ° C, using Q235-A; (t ≤ 450 ° C, the choice of material 10 or Q345 (16Mn). Other materials should be used as a special design;

    b. Non-metallic ring belt and gage layer material, according to different working temperatures, commonly used glass fiber cloth, polytetrafluoroethylene film, composite rubber fiberglass cloth, aluminum silicate fiber cotton and other materials. Non-metallic compensators are not allowed to be made from asbestos materials.

    6. Connection method: The default is insert welding, that is, the pipe is inserted into the compensator interface, and the insertion amount is 20mm. It is also possible to use a flange connection. In this case, the product length and compensation amount are the same as those of the interposed welded tube.

    7, product production: can be customized according to customer needs

    Third, the application of rectangular non-metallic expansion joints (non-metallic rectangular expansion joints)

    1. Cement plant: kiln, dust collection, soot treatment system

    2. Thermal power plants: boilers, gas turbine exhaust systems, dust removal systems.

    3, smelting plant: combustion furnace and other exhaust systems.

    4, the device category: dust collector, absorption tower, air heater, blower equipment import and export.

    5. Petrochemical enterprises: boilers, industrial furnaces, flue gas desulfurization devices, wet and dry air ducts.

    6, steel plant: blast furnace, converter, smoke exhaust and other dust removal systems.

Rectangular non-metallic expansion jointRectangular non-metallic expansion joint


Rectangular non-metallic expansion joint
Rectangular non-metallic expansion joint
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