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    Shock absorption expansion joint

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Product structure characteristics

Shock-absorbing expansion joints are often used in power equipment such as the inlet and outlet of pumps (low pressure).

The main use is to absorb vibration, eliminate noise, and increase the life of equipment and its piping systems.

Damping bellows compensator, expansion joint

Shock absorbing bellows compensator and corrugated metal hose are optimized and combined by the company based on years of application experience, using advanced foreign technology and combining the characteristics of domestic market development. A new generation of shock absorption and compensation devices, widely used in ships, central air conditioning pumps, high-rise building fire pumps, engine import and export, effectively absorbing host or system vibration, reducing source propagation and system thermal expansion and contraction and installation compensation, absorption Noise from piping systems, protecting equipment, protecting the environment, and extending the life of equipment and systems.

It has the advantages of durability, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and environmental protection. It replaces the unsanitary, aging, pressure instability, easy delamination tear, blasting and other unfavorable factors brought by the rubber soft joint, and solves the worries of the system operation.

Damping bellows compensator, metal hose is the best choice for vibration system


Shock absorption expansion joint
Shock absorption expansion joint
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