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    Single axial expansion joint

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    The single axial type bellows expansion joint is composed of a bellows and a structural member for absorbing and compensating the axial displacement, and is mainly used for compensating the axial displacement of the straight pipe section, and also absorbing a small amount of lateral displacement. Since the expansion joint is composed of a bellows, the expansion joint is also referred to as a bellows expansion joint.

    Single axial expansion joint structure: There are many types of single axial expansion joints. The basic structure is roughly the same. It consists of a bellows and two end pipes (or flanges) that can be connected to adjacent pipes and equipment. The flexible device of the same type has a plurality of single expansion joints according to different working conditions, and is also equipped with an inner liner (for guiding) and an outer sleeve (for protection).

    Single axial expansion joint application: Single axial expansion joints are mostly used in straight pipe sections with axial displacement, mainly because of the limited ability of the expansion joint to absorb lateral displacement. In addition, at high working pressures (more than 25 kg), high temperatures, large pipe diameters, and the use of axial expansion joints in the presence of lateral displacement or axial and lateral displacement and other synthetic displacements may not work, then we Compensator products that compensate for these displacements at the same time should be used.


Single axial expansion joint
Single axial expansion joint
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