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    Stainless steel metal hose

    First, the product features:

    1. Wide temperature resistance - temperature range for metal hoses: -196°C - +450°C

    2. Good corrosion resistance - Because of the stainless steel material, the hose is resistant to most of the salt and alkali organic corrosion, and has good corrosion resistance to most acids.

    3. Excellent weather resistance - no aging deterioration during long-term use.

    4. Extremely high pressure resistance - a hose with a diameter of 10mm can withstand a pressure of 20Mpa; a hose with a diameter of 300mm can also withstand a pressure of 1Mpa.

    5. The long service life of -1Mpa, the specified dynamic bending radius, the fatigue life can reach 3000 times; the dynamic bending radius increases, the fatigue life will increase.

    Second, product advantages:

    1. Flexible between metal hose pitches.

    2. Metal hoses have better shrinkage, no clogging and hard.

    3. The metal hose is light in weight and good in caliber.

    4. Metal hose is soft, repeatable, and flexible.

    5. Metal hose is good in corrosion resistance and high resistance.

    6. The metal hose is resistant to rat bites and wear resistance, preventing internal wires from being worn.

    7. Metal hose is resistant to bending, tensile strength and pressure resistance.

    8. The metal hose is soft and smooth, easy to thread and install.


    Third, stainless steel metal hose production scene display

 Stainless steel metal hose

    Fourth, stainless steel metal hose product picture

 Stainless steel metal hose


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 Stainless steel metal hose
Stainless steel metal hose
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