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    Unconstrained ripple compensator

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     Unconstrained corrugated compensator, also known as unconstrained expansion joint, unconstrained metal compensator, unconstrained corrugated expansion joint, used for axial compensation of pipelines, large compensation amount, the metal compensator has strong self-guide and super strong bending resistance The ability to simplify the design of the pipe guide bracket allows the spacing of the guide brackets to be installed at will.

External pressure single axial compensator

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1 Product introduction

2 role

Product introduction editor

The outer end of the bellows of the external pressure single axial type compensator is connected with the outer cylinder and the inner cylinder, and the bellows is subjected to external pressure and has a large number of waves, so that it can absorb a large axial displacement.

Function editing

1. Compensate the axial thermal deformation of the absorption pipe.

2. Facilitate the installation and disassembly of the valve pipe.

3. Absorb equipment vibration and reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the pipeline.

4. Absorb the amount of deformation of the pipeline caused by earthquakes and subsidence.


Unconstrained ripple compensator
Unconstrained ripple compensator
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